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LetsPoker App Aims to Revolutionize the Live Poker World

“Consider establishing a lobby similar to that of most online poker sites, but for live poker. Everything you need to know about live poker, on a real – time basis, on your phone using a contemporary app.”

LetsPoker creator and poker player Andrei Alecu believes he has built an app that achieves just Revolutionize the Live Poker World.

Revolutionize the Live Poker World with Local Casino’s Tournament

Alecu, who has a background in software development, sought to improve the live poker experience in Romania. From 2015 to 2016, while working at his local poker facility, he became involved with the tournament organizing team and accomplished just that.

His local casino’s tournament poker was modified. Dealers might mark players as eliminated soon after they were eliminated. Dealers could also record rebuys, add-ons, and chip counts, as well as immediately disperse players to their new seats as tables were closing.

Furthermore, Alecu created a companion app that enabled participants to access the same real-time information that the tournament directors saw on their own phone. As a result, the app improved the poker rooms’ openness and accountability, which is obviously crucial for a poker room to preserve player confidence. With the new system in place, participants could keep track of every entrance and re-entry, ensuring that the final prize pools represented the real number of entrants.

Revolutionize the Live Poker World

Revolutionize the Live Poker World by Gained Popularity

The software gained popularity and has since been used by 888poker and PokerStars for live events in Romania. This is a testimonial to the program itself, since it has been utilized by two poker industry heavyweights.

LetsPoker is currently utilized by every poker club and organizer in Romania, and the app is known to the entire live poker player base in Romania. The live poker ecosystem in the nation increased significantly during this time, according to Alecu, as “friendly rivalries and friendships began because players would follow each other’s outcomes on the app, and many more players were introduced to the delights of live poker.”

All they had to do was look into the software their poker-playing acquaintance had recommended. ” What exactly LetsPoker can Revolutionize the Live Poker World?

What is It Mean LetsPoker with a Cloud-based SaaS

LetsPoker is a cloud-based SaaS (software-as-a-service) for live poker that caters to both organizers and participants. From the perspective of a player, the app is the perfect live poker aid. It enables poker enthusiasts to locate games that are taking place in their immediate vicinity or further afield. 

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